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300B SE Amplifiers of Mr Mervyn Tims from Canada


counter started 7th Jan 2010

300B 2 mono block Amplifier in Canada

mono block 300B Single Ended Amplifier

1st idea of 300B Single ended Amplifier almost a half year ago


He has one plan for build up 300B SET around a half years ago
sent me one of abave picture ,I will show you some pictures next.very nice pictures.

300B in Canada

Mono Block Amplifier

mono block in stereo so has 2 of amplifier,right and left amplifier are separated.
he said chassi are stainless steel.looling is very good.he sent few pictures include
inside of amplifier.very good and clean inside of amplifier.

Inside is here

Inside is above ,good construction.!!!

Right amplifer

Right 300B Single Ended Amplifier

Back side

Back Side of Mono block 300B Single Ended Amplifier

His CDP and DAC



Schematic Diagram is show next
Main Amplifier

Main Amplifier Circuit for 300B( he get information from JE lab SET Amplifier)

He got many information for how to build up 300B SE Amplifier from JE LAB.
JE Lab is JE Lab Wel come

Power supply

above is shown power supply circuit. suppose be got from JE Lab.

Replacements Parts List is next

* 1.....2 req - Angela Universal Power Transformer - 380-0-380V / 200mA
* 2.....2 req - Hammond 1627SE Output Transformer - 2k5/160mA/25W/4,8,16R
* 3.....2 req - Hammond 193J Enclosed Choke - 10H/200mA/82R
* 4.....2 req - Angela Oil Cap 15uF/600VDC
* 5.....2 req - Angela Oil Cap30uF/600VDC
* 6.....2 req - Angela Oil Cap50uF/518VDC
* 7.....2 req - Angela 0.22uF/630V Paper in oil, Copper Foil
* 8.....2 req - Black Gate 100uF/100VDC bypass cap
* 9.....2 req - Black Gate 47uF/160VDC bypass cap
* 10....4 req - 100K /1W
* 11....4 req - 220K /1W
* 12....8 req - 47K / 1W
* 13....4 req - 1K /1W
* 14....2 req - 470ohm/1W
* 15....2 req - Angela 880ohm non-inductive 25W Cath Res
* 16....2 req - Dale 50K / 25W power supply bleed res
* 17....2 req - 3k3 /5W metal-oxide power supply res
* 18....2 req - Clarostat 75ohm/2W wirewound pot
* 19....2 req - 5U4GB ( or Mullard GZ37/GZ34) rectifier tube
* 20....2 req - 6SN7GTB
* 21....2 req - 300B Tubes
* 22....2 req - Ceramic silver 300B Socket
* 23....2 req - Octal CeramicSocket for GZ37 tube
* 24....2 req - Octal Ceramic Socket for 6SN7WGTA tube
* 25....2 req - Power supply cables
* 26....2 req - Speaker Binding posts
* 27....2 req - 100K log Pots - Bourns --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

if do you have ? Mr Mervyn Tims from Canada. [ worldmail000(a)yahoo.ca ]


many information get from here fromJE Lab

he get components fromParts Connectionin Canada

many information get fromDiy AudioForums


This Parts since 7th Feb 2010 and latest up date 18th Mar 2010 from Sakura Chiba Japan

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