PCL86 UL Push Pull Full Differetial Amplifier D.I.Y

( UL : Ultra Liner)

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PCL86 push pull full differetial Amplifier D.I.Y (Mr Perque Amplifier)

This is new PCL86 UL connection push pull amplifier. probably power will be get
around from 6 to 8 W rms each cnannel.speaker impedance are 2 type 4 and 6 ohm.
in generally PCL86 push pull get around 8 W rms with penthode conection.
I used 15W 8 K P-P Audio push pull transformer by Touei Transformer Tokyo Japan.
nude charactor is 10Hz to 60Khz flat model number is OPT-15PR 8K
has 50% UL tap,secondary are 4-6-8-16 Ohms.this time with one of torgue Sw to change
4 and 6 ohm.recent many speaker system are 6 ohm and some high end audio speaker
use 4 ohms.primary current is max 120mA each wind.1.1Kg weight.also has 50% of UL tap.
they has 2 type of transformer right now, one of band type and black case type.
only available in Japan.very smart transformer.
one thing please try to hook up small Vita Q capacitor with coupling capacitor.
for to get more natural sound .finally I did replaced 3 times output transformer.
from small 10W one to 15W one.now I got around 8 W rms max.very clear sound like direct
heating single ended amplifier like a 2A3 SE.-3 dB freqency is 90Khz.
what effect do they have ? sound has very clear and very wide range -3dB band width.
[10Hz to 90 Khz -3dB]Push Pull but just low power than general Push Pull Amplifier.
some one said just like DHT Amplifier .but indirect tubes push pull amplifier.
why many amplifier maker does not made up these amplifier ? only one thing does not
get real push pull power.(but sound is great than general push Pull Amplifier.)
good separation, S/N is more than 80dB at 1Khz, very good frequency response.
easy to modificate your push pull amplifier.please do it's.
Note: please use LM317P ,P Type.more combiniense.(P means Plastic module)
finaly I got 7 W rms both mode and Max power is 8 W rms.DF is 3.3 at 1Khz 8ohm
but if replaced voltage of tap of transformer from 230V to 200V and adjuted plate
current with resistance of LM317P from 54mA to 62mA. power are down from 7.5 W to
6 W rms max. you will be get like a 2A3 SE sound.sounds like more warmer than before.
half of circuit wired with silver cable.

Note : 10Hz to 90Khz -3dB Max Power is 7 W rms.DF is 3 at 1Khz at normal power position
Este equipo armado con cable teflon y cobre ehchapado la plata.

Japanese Version

Daniel Speaker System Chile

Daniel san

Danel Speaker

Daniel Speaker on 2007 Santiago , Chile

please conect correctly

original circuit

diff PCL86

Re draw circuit Differential PCL86 Push Pull


c added

if oscilated amplifier please add small c 10pF at both of plate of drive

Front view update ver

back view PCL86 PP

Up Ver model PCL86 UL Push Pull Full Differential Amplifier, Auido Transformar are Toei
OPT-20PR 8K Push Pull Transformar.just look like a FE-25-8 by Tango.
can switchable UL mode and Pentode mode.UL mode around 7W Max and Pentode mode
will be get 10W rms with out differential.this time does not usr limited current element
and used JFET instead of diode.generaly JFET has limited current effect whan connected
source and gate each other and can be adjust limited current with small resistance
connected source respect with ground.this time R is around 600 ohm and 1.4mA.
If would like to get good bass please big core of transformer like more than 20W use.

Current limited diode like indicates as E102 ,you can use 2SK30 Q lank each one has each differet current so choose correct
current for use amplifier constant current of plate current.please see next figure for easy to make insted of limited current diode
by 2SK30.

mesure current

This one can be use instead of current limited diode

2 of PCL86

Back view

2 Amplifiers in Chile

in Chile 2012

Mr Daniel his hand made speaker system with PCL86 PP in 2012

Daniel Speakter 2012

Mr Daniel Speaker and PCL86 push pull Amplifier

Mizushima Amplifier with Daniel Speaker

Speaker by Daniel Chile and Mizushima Amplifier 2013

Made in Chile Speaker by Daniel 2013 Mar

New Speaker of Daniel san Mar 2013 Santiago, Chile

Italian/French PCL86 pushpull Amplifier by Mr Sebastien Visiedo

2A3 single and PCL86 push pull 2014.Apr

2A3 Single Ended Amplifier and PCL86 push pull Amplifier transformer are ISO Tango FE 25-8

PCL86 PP アンプ

Mr Visiedo Made 2014.Apr from Italia his 2A3 SET AmplifierLink

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